Pecos Valley 
On Your Time.
More Time For You.
Hassel free.
This is a direct primary care practice.  That means we can spend more time with you whenever you need it.  
We limit ourselves to 600 patients per provider.  Not 2000 or more like most practices. This allows care to be personal, timely, and thorough.
We don't take insurance, but don't let that scare you.  Many  direct care patients save money by taking advantage of these services.  Ultimately this gives control of your healthcare back to you!
Direct Family Medicine
Best Care
At Pecos Valley Wellness we want you to become a part of our family.  We are committed to  providing prompt personal care when you need it for as long as required.  You can have your provider's cell phone number, for true peace of mind.   We are part of a  nationwide movement to take back control of health care by removing the influence of insurance rules and government regulations.
Why?..Why Not?
No Insurance?
We recommend that members have health insurance, but we don't use it.  This saves us time and money both of which get passed on to our patients!  You can shop for more afforadable insurance since we will provide  primary care.  If you ever find yourself under-insured or uninsured you will not be turned away.
We are working in concert with over 100 clinics nationwide.  This bargaining power can provide most labs and medications for less then a typical co-pay.   
Membership prices are based on age, and billed monthly to keep it simple for you and our office.   Click the membership button to see prices and the extensive services included with membership.

NMMI Cadet Provider!

We are now offering services for NMMI cadets in need of a medical provider.  If your cadet will needs medications, prescriptions,  and full service primary care we are willing to help.  Rates are affordable and we have an excellent relationship with the NMMI infirmary.  This is a great option for international students coming to NMMI this fall. 
 We recommend that anyone attending school in the US purchase a travelers insurance in case of emergencies requiring hospitalization.  Otherwise  we can provide convenient and afforadable primary care while you are in Roswell.  Sign up at the membership page.  Rates are $30 a month plus tax.  Medication and labs are extra at great discounted rates if needed. ​
Our Practice
We are committed to providing health care that simply makes sense.  All of our staff have been in Roswell long enough to call it our home.  We know what it means to raise a family, work, and play in Roswell.  We are...
Dr. Jason Pope MD    Medical Director
Stephen Muhr PA-C  Provider
Joe Carrillo RPh          Pharmacist